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LAWSUIT!™ is a fun and educational game for ages 8 and up. Players experience and learn about the law in a fun way as they make their way through law school, past the bar exam and into their own law practice and the courtroom. It's a game for the whole family, and friends too!
The game includes the following:
  • Game Board
  • 3 sets of cards: LAWSUIT!™, APPEAL and SETTLEMENT
  • Playing money ($250, $500, $1,000,$5,000 and $10,000)
  • 6 playing pieces and 1 die
The board is divided into 62 spaces. Players proceed through law school - the nitty gritty of running a law practice (hiring a secretary, paying office rent); and the ups and downs of bringing a case (preparing papers for court, going to trial). Players also land on LAWSUIT!™ spaces, where they are directed to pick
LAWSUIT!™ cards describing all sorts of whimsical (and family-friendly!) case scenarios.

When a LAWSUIT!™ card is chosen, a player must decide whether to accept the result or appeal it. On an appeal, a player may double or even triple his or her award— or lose some or even all of it!

Instead of advancing when it's their turn, players may also choose to settle a case by drawing a SETTLEMENT card. Like appealing, settling a case can result in gaining -- or losing -- part or all of one's recovery.

Players may also double the stakes by "buying in" to a partnership. All awards "and costs" are doubled for partners. Whether or not to become a partner is therefore a key strategic decision, and adds to the suspense and intrigue, as everyone wonders whether it will pay to have become one.