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Susan B. Anthony was arrested after she voted in the 1872 New York State congressional election, because New York restricted the right to vote to men. Her trial concluded on June 18, 1873– when she was found guilty of voting without a legal right to do so. The judge presiding over her case, Judge Ward Hunt, denied her motion for a new trial, and fined her $100, plus costs of the prosecution.

The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum showcases artifacts from the women's rights movement.

The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum showcases artifacts from the women’s rights movement.

I recommend you read the trial transcript from United States v. Anthony at http://goo.gl/xl3qrh. You can also review the indictment in this case at http://goo.gl/Zl8vz6, and record of conviction from June 28, 1873, at http://goo.gl/gjH8n1.

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