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Prior to becoming an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court, Byron R. White was a college football star (visit the College Football Hall of Fame at http://goo.gl/aIJXyq), and played professionally with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Lions. After graduating Yale Law School, he clerked at the Supreme Court, and then worked in private practice in his home state of Colorado.

Justice Byron R. White served on the Supreme Court from April 16, 1962 – June 28, 1993

Justice Byron R. White served on the Supreme Court from April 16, 1962 – June 28, 1993

After assisting John Kennedy with his presidential campaign, he was tapped for Deputy Attorney General. While at the Department of Justice, in March 1962, the President nominated him to the Supreme Court. The Senate quickly confirmed his nomination, and he remained on the Court for 31 years. On April 15, 2002, former Justice White passed away. Learn more about this Justice by listening to Dennis Hutchinson, author of The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White: A Portrait of Justice Byron R. White at http://goo.gl/gboSGT.

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