The Notorious R.B.G.

This past week Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke at Georgetown Law School about her personal and professional life.  She talked about the hurdles she faced as a female lawyer when women were seen only as homemakers.  Even though she was at the top of her Harvard and Columbia Law School classes, she had an extremely difficult time landing her first job.  She had a four year-old and the few employers willing to hire a woman-lawyer had concerns she wouldn’t work late hours or weekends.  (They were wrong.)  The Supreme Court decision she would most like to see overturned is Citizens United.  She’s certain “one day sensible campaign financing will be the law of this land.” When asked at what number would the Court have enough women?  She replied, “When there were nine.”  She pointed out that for most of the Court’s history there were only male justices.  You can watch the entire program @

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