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Have you seen the movie Bridge of Spies?  The film dramatizes the arrest and conviction of Soviet spy Rudolf Ivanovich Abel for espionage in 1957. James Donovan, a respected insurance lawyer, is pressured to scale back his defense of the spy, but he refuses and upholds his ethical obligation to zealously represent him. Donovan expresses his unwavering belief in the rule of law, and the need to uphold the protections guaranteed under the Constitution even during troubling times, such as the Cold War. He objects to the warrantless search of Abel’s apartment—and, in fact, his objection winds up before the United States Supreme Court (albeit the exterior of the iconic New York State Supreme Court building is shown in the scene rather than the Supreme Court).

Attorney James Donovan

Attorney James Donovan

You can read the Supreme Court’s decision at https://goo.gl/Sb9WE3.  I suggest watching this interesting documentary after you’ve seen the film– http://goo.gl/aN0csx.

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