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In August 1960, African American boys and girls entered a nationwide chain store, S. H. Kress, in Greenville, South Carolina, and sat at a lunch counter designated for whites only. The store manager turned off the lights, announced the lunch counter was closed and called the police. He did what the local law required. A Greenville City Ordinance prohibited integration of the races at eating establishments. The law specified the races couldn’t sit within thirty-five feet of one another, and they were prohibited from using the same utensils and dishes. The boys and girls were arrested and convicted of trespass. On November 7, 1962, their case– Peterson v. City of Greenville– was argued before the Supreme Court. You can hear the attorneys’ oral argument at http://goo.gl/ycUC4k. In May 1963 the Supreme Court reversed the convictions.

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